Company Profile

Tamura Enviro has a consistent system from collecting and transportation of waste to final disposal. Our group has an intermediate disposal facility, a transshipment storage yard, and a stable final disposal site over three locations in the prefecture, and we conduct from transportation of wastes to final disposal consistently. Moreover, utilizing the network over Yamaguchi prefecture as well as our company, we achieve waste disposal of other waste including difficult item to dispose.

Service Guide

Waste Disposal Business

In general, there are many companies that only collects and transports waste, but Tamura Enviro is different from them. Since the group has the total intermediate disposal facility and the stable final disposal site, we can collect, transport, and dispose waste at once. Using not only our own company, but also the network of the whole area of Yamaguchi, we achieve waste disposal of other items including waste difficult to dispose.

Recycling Business

We properly crash, compress, and dispose such constructional waste (including plaster boards) gathered up by collecting and transporting at our intermediate disposal facility. We work hard to control harmful substances and minimize negative effects to environment by disposing (recycling) waste properly.

Company Information

Company Name Tamura Enviro Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment June 1, 2014
Representative Pres. Kayoko Tamura
Head Office 363-7 Shimoosaba Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi, 753-0212, Japan
Tel: (+81)83-941-0883 Fax: (+81)83-941-0881
Branch Office Yamaguchi Manufactory
363-7 Shimoosaba Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi, 753-0212, Japan
Comminution, Sort, and Compression of Waste Plastics Plant
Hub Transhipment Storage Site
825-1 funaki,bansho Ube-shi, Yamaguchi, 757-0216, Japan
Capital ¥ 30,000,000
Major Business Area Industrial Waste Disposal
Number of Employees 33


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